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Corporate information

As you want

This is our motto, “as you want”, because we like to do the things that you want, “as you want” them. Your way, our way.

Fluidra Industry consists of more than 1.400 people working to make your dreams and projects become a reality in more than 15 countries.




Fluidra Industry is the industrial division of the Fluidra Group, specializing in the development and production of components and accessories for diverse industries and, particularly, those relating to water.

Our consolidation as a manufacturer has been a goal achieved thanks to a policy of continual expansion and investment, lengthy and wide-ranging experience and great human resources of over 1.400 people, all of whom work with the common objective of continuing to be the best.
 Amongst our people, of note is our R D i team who, divided amongst the different production centres, permit us to provide continual improvement and innovation of products, as well as the development of new projects with which to satisfy the needs of our clients.

In addition, at Fluidra Industry, not only do we identify with our clients and their needs, but also with social and environmental concerns on a global scale. This is why sustainability defines us in its widest sense, and we insist that all our companies focus on complying with our social, economic and environmental commitments.



Corporate sustainability indices
At Fluidra Industry we take care of our image and, this is why, thanks to the good work undertaken in recent years, together with our commitment to becoming a company that cares for the environment and the optimal reuse of resources, Fluidra has been included in the FTSE4 Good Ibex and Kempen SNS Smaller Europe SRI sustainability indices. Companies included in the FTSE4Good Ibex operate under environmental sustainability objectives and promote the development of fruitful relationships with their interest groups or stakeholders, respect for and promotion of human rights, the guarantee of good standards in chain of value management and the fight against corruption. On the other hand, the SRI seal of Kempen Capital Management is granted to those companies demonstrating a high level of commitment to their corporate social responsibility policy, recognising Fluidra for its level of sustainability in the sector of small and medium-sized European listed companies.


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